The Brass Balagan at Occupy Burlington

Stuck in Vermont TV show. Correction: I said “Radical Yiddish/Balkan Chamber Folk”.

David performing “The Ballad of Edward the Young” by Daniel Kahn in Spielpalast Cabaret. Featuring Seth Gillim (Edward), Laura Wolfson (Lucia), Bon Provenzano (Rodolpho), Cami Clark and Aziza Malik (Cigar Girls).

Mini version of The Salt Wives (ordinarily a 5-6 piece) playing my (rather Satie inspired) composition 70 Miles To London.

Joseph McGinty – violin
Lydia Stein – euphonium
David C. Symons – Christmas light festooned accordion, composer

Recorded at Art Klub in New Orleans by The ElekTrik Zoo, December 31st, 2016